Kavita Kaushik poses in bikini with a strong message for ALL women!

F.I.R fame actress Kavita Kaushik is winning everyone’s hearts as she recently posted a photo in bikini. Before you judge that people are wooing over her because of glamour or because she flaunted her body, let us already tell you, this is not the case! In fact, it is the strong message along with the picture, that everyone is praising her.

Being women, we are constantly body-shamed and judged for our bodies. Whether you are skinny or over-weight or a fit person, insensitive people leave no chance to shame. Adding to the misery are irrational beauty standards set by the beauty and fashion industry. All this has made women so conscious and insecure about themselves that they are always on the run to better themselves. But this ‘bettering’ has no end as the society is never satisfied!’



Sadly, girls also take cue of photo-editing softwares like Photoshop which helps their body to look slimmer/more toned only to look more appealing and attractive on social media.




Unfiltered .. ocean , nature , wind, sand , aur ? Aur tummmm … ❤️

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However, thanks to actresses like Kavita Kaushik, who take to Instagram every now and then, and remind us to adore and love our bodies. She posted a photo from her recent Goa trip. It features the actress clad in a bikini. And for caption, she wrote, “[email protected] Photoshop”! Woahh, the way she is flaunting her imperfect yet perfect body with sheer confidence is totally admirable and a strong message for all the girls out there!


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