As women.
By Sudha Joshi
Reality hits life every day. That is why fantasies have their existence. We have that imagination cloud in our head where we live life as we desire. Has there been a night when you have not knitted beautiful imaginative stories in bed? There is a brawny relation between fantasies and women. Our childhood stories are filled with those pleasing and beguiling beliefs. If we unfold our books there are enormous fairy tales we can find such as Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid in an endless list. Let’s find out what fantasies every woman keeps in her wish list:

I wish to have a beauty pageant crown: That moment when we see a girl winning a beauty pageant gives butterflies in our stomachs. Are we related to her? Is she distantly known to us? The answer would be “no” but the only thing we relate to is the soul. The soul of a woman. Why do we wear tiara on our big day – i.e. birthday? Somewhere a little beauty queen lives in our hearts whom we want to curb with the reality cork.

Your big royal mansion: Who doesn’t want to wake up on a royal bed every morning with the Sybaritic tea pot on our side table. When you unveil the drapes a copacetic breeze hits your face. The royal mansion is always in the wish list of men and women but reasons could be pretty different for both. We see these imaginative red carpets in our inzy-minzy eyes.

Wishing closet: Now that point can top the chart of everyone. Every girl desires to have a wishing closet which will never get empty from each and every designer piece we long for. Aah Isn’t that bringing the wide smile on your face? Oh, my wishing closet! Please give me my favourite evening gown with high heels with perfectly matching clutch – and here it comes. That is fantasy but definitely it brings the cutest little girl out from us.

Prince charming on white horse: Nobody can deny this ultimate fantasy of girls. It is even told in stories by our mommies and grandmas as one day a charming prince will come on a white horse and we believed in that imaginative prince of our life. One who will love you for the real reasons, for who you are, to keep his promises intact and to fulfil your every tiny-to- biggest wish of life. Sometimes we wonder is that possible in any way but that is the beauty of our hidden wishes.

An ultimate career: After all the dreamy desires, this can be a reality which once was a fantasy. We all have that want of a perfect career which sometimes becomes a fantasy due to our plan B opt but who cares if we settle for another on our wish pole? This continuous yearning brings us closer to this fantasy-cum-reality.

We believe in wishing wells, shooting stars, eyelash wishes and much more. So do they suit our realist world? Of course not, but that’s the hope of life. We wish some unreachable things which we call our fantasies. Reality eventually knocks at our door one day but why not to decorate our house, behind the doors, the way we want to? Fantasies are basically pampering your souls. The sun sets every day but does it minimise the beauteous spark of the first rays of every dawn? Let’s live this life within this imaginative cosmos. We keep fantasies alive as women. We embellish this world with love and innocence. I want to awaken and adorn the princess in me. Do you?


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