Girls aren’t as half as demanding as people think, guys love it when their girl is happy and smiling, If they wish to see their girls happy more often than these are the tips which needs to be followed. Girls try every bit to make their friends and family feel special so the same treatment should be given in return as they all are special and so should be made to feel so.

Steps how to keep your girl happy;

Show your affection

If you love her show her, express your feelings and love. She wants you to express your feelings in front of other people also, just to know that you love her. Kisses, cuddles and compliments can take your relation a long way.

  1. Make compromises for her and let her get her own way now and then

Be prepared to make compromises for her and let her get her own way now and then. Let her watch the romantic movies on TV, without complaining about it, and she’ll be pleased that you love her enough to give up things that you like to please her.

  1. Make her feel secure and do what you promise

Your girl will feel happy when she feels secure and protected, so make sure that she knows she is safe, whenever you are around; never betray her trust. Keep your promises. Always. When she feels that she can rely on you and trust you, then that is when she will feel content and happy.

 4.Make her feel secure and stand on your promises

It’s the responsibility of the guy to make his girl feel comfortable and secure whenever together So that she does not feel insecure. Also, keep the promises which are being made so that the girl feels contented and safe when with him.

5.Make her feel special and be a true gentlemen.

Treat your girl like a lady by being a gentleman to her. The smallest chivalrous acts, such as opening doors for her or pulling out her chair at a restaurant, will really make her feel special and loved. These acts can let her understand that you do think of her comfort before himself.

  1. Pay her sincere compliments and notice her efforts to look pretty for you

Another tip on how to make her happy is to give her compliments. Show that you appreciate your girlfriend and compliment her, sincerely, when you can and whenever possible. Take care to notice when she changes her hair or is wearing something new or just tell her how much you love her smile or the way she talks or maybe her dress sense.

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