Keep Your Skin Healthy And Glowing With These Simple Beauty Tips

Beautiful skin is happy, healthy skin. Most of us strive to keep our skin looking great. However, with so much advice out there, it can sometimes be difficult to know what skin care routine will give the best results. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to learning how to get perfect, glowing skin – it’s all about working with your individual skin type to repair, protect, and rejuvenate. Here are some beauty tips for everyday girl that will arm you up to shoo away all your worries.

1. Stay hydrated

Water is a magical fluid that improves health and increases the level of energy in our system almost instantly. Drinking good amount of water every day is a great way to flush out the unwanted toxins that lead to health ailments and concerns like dryness, acne, hair fall et cetera. So, make H2O your best friend and say goodbye to troubled and dehydrated skin and body.

2. Apply & Carry a Natural SPF

Even when the sun isn’t shining bright, every girl should apply and carry a sunscreen with cooling and effective ingredients such as natural-zinc, Vitamin C, aloe vera, wheat germ and like. A sunblock enriched with such ingredients repairs the sun damage, protects the skin from the harmful UV rays and nourishes the skin.

3. Be an Ingredient-Inspector

Dull, troubled, acne-prone and inflamed skin is usually caused because of ingredients in a product that you may be using. Make it a habit to study the ingredients of each and every personal care product that you wish to buy because what you put on your body is just as important as what you eat.

4. Set Your Pamper Hour On The Clock

The pollutants and free radicals in the atmosphere are capable of causing havoc. It is advisable to indulge in a pamper hour every second or third day to de-stress your body and bring it back to its optimum health. This also helps in keeping skin and hair concerns at bay as regular pampering nourishes and conditions the skin and hair just as needed.

5. Stay Afresh & Odour-free With A Mist

Body-odour and sticky skin can be a turn-off. Make sure you are always smelling good and looking fresh even when you are on your toes with a natural face and body mist. Mists are great to uplift the face and instantly hydrate it. You can also use two different mists depending on the fragrances you wish to use.

6. Love Your Eyes & Lips Too

Every girl neglects taking enough care of the skin around her eyes and lips. However, one should pay even more attention as these are two of the most delicate areas of the body. Make sure you use a nourishing under-eye cream and protective lip balm every single day to let these two stay healthy and bright.

7. Befriend Crème Blush & Highlighters

Crème blushes and highlighters are magical products that instantly uplift the face. Add a dewy glow or a subtle colour whenever you wish to change your look. These two products can be used for multiple things. Try using them as an eye-shadow, cheek enhancer, or underneath your lip balm, & you will not be disappointed.

Inputs By: Naina Ruhail, Vanity Wagon


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