Kishan Bhaiyya Out, Keventers In!

The weather is so hot, I feel like the Sun has decided to torture me today just to spoil my shopping spree. But doesn’t matter how hot it gets, it can’t stop me from going out and about the city. After spending 4 hours in Connaught Place, I feel like I have shopped till I dropped, hogged on Margherita pizza and now that I’ve bought my favourite chilled strawberry milkshake from Keventers, I feel super refreshed and now, it’s finally time to go back home.

You know what? Strawberry milkshake from Keventers has always been my absolute favourite in 21 years of my life. I have been drinking it for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. Keventers’ milkshakes are every Delhiite’s go-to drink. The natural taste of strawberries and creaminess of their milkshake has made me a Keventers loyalist. I mean, it is so good that Keventers can have all my money.

My mother being the typical Indian mom that she is, is always pestering me with her gyaan on milk. “Beta you should drink two glasses of Milk daily”, “Beta can I get you some milk?” and my most hated one is, “Beta drink this Haldiwala doodh, its good for your bones” Ughhhh!! Don’t you just hate it when moms go on and on about something and they refuse to listen to you?

Whenever she goes overboard with her ‘milk’ badgering, I just order my favourite milk online. Here also, Keventers always comes to my rescue. Drinking their cow milk is way better than drinking that yucky watery milk she buys from Kishan bhaiyya, the milkman. Eww! My rivalry with Kishan bhaiyya goes way back. Ever since I was little, he comes to our house every day carrying trunks of gross tasting milk. I have always created a scene (quite dramatically, if you ask) in front of mom, refusing to drink that milk. But mom, being a big fanatic of Kishan bhaiyya, never listened. But that isn’t the scene anymore. As I have found myself a replacement for Kishan bhaiyya.

So in case y’all have been living under a rock, let me tell you the latest. My favourite milkshake brand Keventers has recently launched its cow milk delivery app called ‘The Milk Co.’ and that’s pretty much it. Their milk is way creamier and tastier than some normie milk brand. And to make things even better, their milk processing allows no human hands to touch milk at any point. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a germaphobe.

I am amazed that their milk tastes the same every day. I looked it up online and found out it has got something to do with single breed cows or something. I don’t know. All I have to do is order milk from their app from my smartphone and they deliver it fresh within 9 hours right at our house. As if I would go out to buy milk! What is this, the 90s?

Convincing mom to ditch Kishan bhaiyya and order only Keventers’ cow milk was a cake walk. All I did was made her taste it and she was sold. Poor Kishan bhaiya! Now my mom is also a Keventers fanatic, just like me.


You can download the app for their milk delivery service here: Google Play Store and iOS App Store


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