Kishore Kumar Birthday: Unknown Facts Of Legendary Singer And Actor’s Personal Life, Read to Know

Kishore Kumar Birthday Special: Unknown Facts Of Legendary Singer And Actor’s Personal Life. Singer Kishore Kumar had four marriages, one heroine is now Mithun Chakraborty’s wife.

Kishore Kumar was born in Madhya Pradesh

Kishore Kumar was born on August 4

Indian cinema veteran singer Kishore Kumar’s birthday falls on 4th August. Kishore Kumar sang in about 1500 films. Even today people listen to his songs with great fervor. Apart from being a great singer, Kishore Kumar was also a writer, film producer, and screenwriter. But like his professional life, his personal life was also very much discussed. On the special occasion of Kishore Kumar’s birthday, we will tell you some interesting stories related to his life in this article.

Kishore Kumar was born in Madhya Pradesh

Kishore Kumar was born on 4 August 1929 in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. Kishore Kumar’s real name was Abhas Kumar. Kishore Kumar was a very cool person in his personal life and at the same time was rich in integral talent.

Kishore Kumar had a total of four marriages

Kishore Kumar had a total of four marriages

Kishore Kumar got married four times

The professional life of Indian cinema veteran Kishore Kumar was as successful as his personal life. Kishore Kumar had a total of four marriages. His fourth marriage was with Leela Chandravarkar and Kishore Kumar was almost 20 years older than his fourth wife Leela Chandravarkar. He was 51 years old at the time of his fourth marriage.
The two met on the sets of ‘Pyaar Ajnabee Hai’. His first marriage was to Ruma Ghosh, his second marriage to Madhubala, his third marriage to Yogita Bali, and his fourth marriage to Leela Chandravarkar. After separating from Kishore Kumar, Yogita Bali married Mithun Chakraborty.

Kishore Kumar never took music lessons

Kishore Kumar had never taken music training even before joining films. Kishore Kumar has sung more than 1500 songs in all languages ​​in his career. Kishore Kumar’s brother Ashok Kumar had told in a special media conversation that Kishore Kumar was very helpless in his childhood. According to Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar’s voice was like a torn bamboo, but it is really difficult to believe this thing after Kishore Kumar made his place in the film world.

Mithun Chakraborty

Kishore Kumar’s wife Yogita Bali, fell in love with Mithun Chakraborty and married him.

Kishore Kumar died on their brother’s 76th birthday

Kishore Kumar was the younger brother of actor Ashok Kumar. Kishore Kumar died on the 76th birthday of his elder brother Ashok Kumar. It is said that it was his elder brother who brought Kishore Kumar into the film world. At the age of 57, Kishore Kumar had said goodbye to this world. It is said that Kishore Kumar wanted to earn more money than his brother and his dream was fulfilled because Kishore Kumar was the most expensive singer of the 70s and 80s.

Kishore Kumar was fond of English songs

Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar had told during a media interaction that his father was very fond of English songs. He said ‘Kishore Ji was fond of watching English ‘classic’ films. Once he brought cassettes of many ‘Western’ films from America. Apart from this, if he was the biggest fan of any singer, it was KL Sehgal. Kishore Kumar always wanted to be the best singer by his side.

Kishore Kumar’s career started in 1946

Veteran singer Kishore Kumar started his career in the year 1946. He made his debut in films with the film Shikari. His elder brother Ashok Kumar played the lead role in this film. Apart from this, both worked together in Bhai-Bhai, Door Ka Rahi, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, and Bandi. It is said that Kishore Kumar has a big hand in making Rajesh Khanna a superstar.

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