Since last evening, there is a lot of buzz about VJ Anusha and VJ Gaelyn. The two made some Instagram stories where they made fun of someone’s accent. That was one of Kishwers’ friends and this made her angry.
She took to her Instagram handle and slammed Anusha and Gaelyn for mocking her friends. She shared this

And captioned it, “It’s sad when a 35yr old doesn’t knw how to behave @vjanusha @vjgaelyn .. grow up !!! And fyi the guy in the video is @rahullsharma and the girl is @gur4neet .. now u knw them !!!”.
Suyyash shared Kishwer’s post and showed his disappointment with this caption:
“People consider u guys their role models / idols … it doesnt suit u guys @vjanusha@vjgaelyn . Disappointed seriously… U guys r probably trippin on something and enjoying but unfortunately for you they are my frns. U shudnt have put this on ur socail networking websites specially wen there millions of people looking up2 u…and unfortunately they are your FANS :). U guys probably well educated and have probably studied and stayed abroad all ur lives its juss that my frns r tooo desi to have that accent…n unfortunately that guy is from punjab too just like @kkundrra AND je lodh payi metho vadda desi labna v nai…GROW UP.”
Suyyash also pointed out at Anusha’s boyfriend Karan Kundra and said that he too comes from Punjab. Anusha and Gaelyn had no idea who those guys were but now they know!
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