Know Alia Bhatt’s Six Step Secret To Healthy And Flawless Skin

We all know how flawless Alia Bhatt’s skin is. Wouldn’t we want to know what skincare routine she follows to achieve it? In a recent video, she spilled the beans. She is an avid social media user. She never forgets to post daily, keeping her fans updated. She recently made her debut with her own YouTube channel. In her latest video on YouTube, she posted her six-step skincare routine every morning.

Cleanse your skin

She said that the first and the foremost step before beginning any skincare is to cleanse your skin. It is important to wash your face properly. You can choose any face wash that suits your skin.

Apply eye cream

After washing her face, the next thing she does is apply eye cream. This helps in reducing under-eye puffiness and treats dark circles.

Apply niacinamide

The second product that she applies is niacinamide. This helps in getting rid of fine lines and helps hydrate and regenerate the skin. She thinks that the products that can be applied to the face can also be applied to the neck and hands.

Caffeine drops

After applying niacinamide, Alia applies caffeine solution drops on her skin. This helps people who have to face cameras every day in particular. This helps the treatment of water retention.


For anybody who wants clear, healthy, and flawless skin, moisturizer is a must and non-negotiable. Alia believes the same. Moisturising the skin is the most important part of anyone’s skin routine. It doesn’t matter if your skin type is oily.

Apply sunscreen 

If you think you should apply sunscreen only while exposing yourself to the sun, you’re wrong. No matter what your plans are, it is important to apply sunscreen. It prevents harmful sun rays from damaging the skin.

Well, it looks like if you want skin as glowing as Alia’s, you’ll have to follow these simple steps every morning.

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