Do You Know Which Is Biggest Dating Day Of The Year?

Flirting couple in cafe using digital tablet

Yes you heard it right, a dating app has predicted years’ biggest dating day! So here it is, according to the dating app Hinge, the biggest day for dating generally falls on New Year’s Day.

The app predicts a rise in new users on Jan. 1. Google Trends data from the first week of January, dating back to 2012, shows that the search for word dating peaks during the first week of the new year. For the app, New Year’s Day 2016 saw a 35% rise in new users. In 2015, the app saw a 22% rise and a 64% increase in phone numbers exchanged among users.

And if the New Year’s falls on Sunday, the surge is over two fold. The app found that on Sundays, people get 36% higher response rate to messages and 20% more conversations. So for those seeking new love in the new year, it is advised to update your profile with attractive photos, posts and revelations of a more spontaneous side.