It is no knew fact that your birth month spells oodles about you and your personality traits. Since April is just round the corner, here we bring to you some lesser known traits of April born people. The April people are smart, witty, outspoken, bold and brave but fall victim of being misjudged throughout their lives.

–          Nothing can stop people born in April from speaking their heart and mind out. They are frivolous in nature and always stand strongly for the things they feel are right. They do not take sides and always support the right one.

–          April borns are by-birth very genuine people and thus never fake around. They just do not have the capability of pretending. They fail terribly at faking emotions, friendships or anything and in return, cannot tolerate fakeness from people. That’s why these people accept only genuine relationships in their lives and thus have very limited friends.

–          If you were born in April, you constantly strive for perfection. In case of deadlines and work, you often start doing it a little late than you should but once you start, you can’t rest until it is complete. There is no goal that you can’t achieve.

–          You are your own biggest judge, if you are an April person. You deeply indulge into self-introspection and criticize yourself a lot.

–           They are always hungry for appreciation. And their actions are always such, that they do get appreciated in abundance. Ever person loves being applauded but April people’s need and demand for it is way more than others.

–          People born in April understand the value of every relationship and are extremely well at handling them. Be it friendship, love or son/daughter relationship, they are very loyal, trust-worthy and always ready to lend you shoulder.

–          Moodiness is something which you can’t ever take out from an April human.

–          They are more of introvert by nature and enjoy their company the most. But once they find the company of right people, they are the life of that group then.

–          Due to their strong lineage towards self-independence, you can’t ever curb an April born. Their assertiveness and self-independence makes them the most special and confident among others.

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