It is interesting to know about yourself based on your date of birth. According to people, women have always been a mystery and difficult to understand, which is why they are often misunderstood. They are difficult to understand as they are strong at one moment and fragile at the other. Even if they are falling apart, they won’t let it show and they can do multitasking along with a lot of things going through their mind. Based on numerology, it is believed that date of birth tells a lot about your personality.

  • 1st born: Born on the 1st of any month, you are full of ambitions and are a born leader. You like to be independent and hate to rely on anyone, which is why you are not willing to be under any kind of restrictions. You are creative and good at running business. Your best years range from age 28 to 56.
  • 2nd born: Those of you born on 2nd of any month are sensitive by nature. You are often diplomatic and people like your diplomatic nature. You are attracted towards beautiful things and like attention. You are good at maintaining relations, which is why PR can be a good option for you as career.
  • 3rd born: Your key to success is your imagination, you are artistic and creative. You are into writing and performing art, you are an inspiration for many. As a career option, you can be a good salesperson. Your soul love nature and you believe in harmony but you often have mood swings.
  • 4th born: You are hardworking and specific about everything you do. You believe in your ethics and work according to your code of principles. You take your responsibilities seriously, you are not arrogant and proud about yourself. You are compassionate towards people but also stubborn at the same time.
  • 5th born: You are adventurous, you look for new places, people and experiences. Due to this nature, you are adaptable to any environment and you are charming by your words. You like to travel, which is why you don’t like a routine desk job. You sometimes become overconfident and impulsive leading to rash decisions.
  • 6th born: You are deeply attached with family, you like to keep harmony with friends and family. You believe in relationships and maintain balance. You like to be praised but don’t like flattering.
  • 7th born: Those of you born on 7th have highly developed mind and can be great detectives. You are spiritually and philosophically inclined and you don’t trust people easily. They can catch any lair from apart and are intuitive. You try to hide your feelings but you are sensitive.
  • 8th born: You are daring and have a good sense of business, which is why you make a fair sense of money. You require your own freedom to exercise work but you should avoid partnership as you are not good at it. You manipulate you loved ones and are competitive even in your relationships. People value your opinion but you are bossy at times.
  • 9th born: You are broad minded and love nature. You are highly educated and creative. You believe in service the society. You have good sense about what is going to work and what not. You are required to avoid negative bonds.
  • 10th born: You are good leader, ambitious, independent and successful. You believe in your dreams and overcome obstacles. You are a good planner and can be a good manager but suffer from jealousy sometimes.
  • 11th born: You are gifted with great intuition power, you make good healer and counselor. You are a motivator and have a sense of how people are. You are sensitive so you easily get hurt. You can start your own business and can be a good adviser.


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