Women are usually obsessed with their lips. Did you know that the shape of a woman’s lip can tell you a lot about her personality? Here are some fun secrets you will like to know from the lip shape of a woman. Have a look:

Thick lips

Women with thick lips love attention. They are always the center of attraction. They like it when people around compliment them. These women are strong headed and very kind in nature.


Thin lips

Women with thin lips are very polite in nature. They are very serious when it comes to the matter of love. They look for a partner who is romantic in nature.


Thick upper lip, thin lower lip

Women with a thick upper lip and thin lower lip are very romantic in nature. When in a relationship, they are very loyal to their partners. They are also very sensitive.


Thin upper lip, thick lower lip

Not many women are blessed with such lips. Such women are very adorable and loving. They have an amazing personality that attracts everyone around.


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