A logo is supposed to convey in a glance, what a company or individual is all about. A logo is the face of a company or individual and finding out what the true meaning of a logo is, is really exciting. Here is a list of some logos with hidden meanings.

 F1- Formula 1-


The negative white space between the F and red dashes makes up a 1. The red dashes are actually a symbol for the speed of cars.



How many letters can a single logo make? Toyota’s logo can spell out the whole name of ‘Toyota’.



It is actually two people shaking hands in a stylized ‘H’ symbol.

Baskin Robbins-


Baskin-Robbins has a hidden ‘31’ written in pink as it was famous for selling 31 flavors of ice-cream.



One of the most talked about logo is Apple’s apple. The logo, designed by Rob Yanov, was made after a lot of effort but the idea came to him coincidently. He says, “I bought a whole bag of apples, placed them in a bowl, and spent time drawing them for a week, trying to break the image down into something simple. Taking a bite out of an apple was part of the experiment, and completely by coincidence I realized that ’bite’ sounded exactly the same as the computer term ’byte’”.

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