As someone has said love is blind. Knowingly or unknowingly we fell in love with a person without even knowing his side of story. An interesting chat with a person or his growing fondness for you isn’t always a guarantee for mutual love. You remain unaware of the fact till the time you find yourself deeply engrossed in love. Let us help you in finding possible indications that suggest you are in a one sided relationship.

signs-youre-in-a-one-sided-relationship You always make plans

Dating in college is far easier than dating in real world. You might both be busy in your professional lives but it always you who fix up the plan for meeting, he never takes an initiative.

You are always ready to drop everything when your partner is in need. But he doesn’t.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You always give him a priority, never think twice in giving up your plans for him but he behaves otherwise.

You feel vulnerable

When you find yourself always at a receiving end. You always have this fear of losing himself. What if something wrong happens from your side? You consistently put efforts in making the things work but in vain.

Apologise even when it is not needed

You feel the need to apologise for things you shouldn’t apologise for. And he always make sure you better do so.

You feel stressed about things you shouldn’t

You constantly worry that the relationship is out of balance, or that you’re trying too hard, or that they’d rather be somewhere else, or a million other things. Getting a sense of security from a person in a relationship is very important, which is something lacking in yours.

You feel ignored

You always respond to their texts or call on time, but he never revert timely and isn’t apologetic about it too. He gives excuses and you feel been ignored.

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