Know Reasons Why You Should be More Careful while Drinking Water in Monsoons

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Everyone likes monsoon season but is it really enough? Rains are so much better for cuddling in, or being alone in, dancing in and even singing along ‘Under my umbrella, ella, ella’. Yes, we feel you! Humidity during monsoons can rip your body off huge amounts of water – that explains the incessant sweating which also makes you smell like a chorizo. Water makes up 70% of our body mass and is one of the most vital nutrients. During the monsoon season, we not only lose out on this water content through sweating but rarely find ourselves feeling thirsty which is why we just don’t drink enough water.

Oh, and don’t confuse that dreamy feeling of tugging under the blanket, reading your favourite book over cups of coffee to be the effect of an awesome mausam. Dehydration can cause severe lethargy. If truth be told, rain is the need of the Earth though like every season, it too, has its own disadvantages – one of that is water contamination. Water is the necessity for every living creature, however pure water is a luxury, not everyone can enjoy!

We all know that the tap water is not clean enough to drink. However, in monsoons, it is more than unhealthy to consume such water. Many people believe in boiling water and using removable tap filters to ensure safety against water-borne diseases. But frankly, these methods are not sufficient for treating the kind of contaminants we get in water. Boiling may destroy the water-borne bacteria, but cannot remove the organic and inorganic impurities of the water. To clarify this further, let’s understand the reasons why you should be more careful while drinking, or even using tap water for cooking, in monsoons.

The Water You Get in Your Tap is Not Pure Enough

Water was once known for its purity but now, water that you get in cities undergoes water treatment, but to reach your tap, it has to go through a long journey via old, rusty and dirty pipes. The water you get in your tanks and then taps has rust, germs and impurities of different types which an ordinary tap filter cannot remove. This water can be used for washing, bathing, cleaning and other jobs, but certainly not recommended for drinking.

Boiling Water Doesn’t Solve the Problem Either

Back then, boiling was considered to be the best solution for treating water, but new-age contamination has left this way of treatment far behind. Boiling can kill the bacteria but has no effect on high chlorine or other impurities present in the water. Moreover, water needs to be boiled for 20 minutes to balance the disease-causing micro-organisms efficiently. This process of boiling is not feasible on a daily basis when you have many more tasks that want your attention. And to aggravate your problems, when you leave the water in the vessel to cool down, it can be contaminated again by the bacteria and germs in the air.

Your Immune System Gets Affected

During monsoons, people fall sick more often than not because of weather-influenced reasons. Rains cause water logging, which results in breeding of During monsoon season, we are more prone to falling sick and therefore drinking enough water helps us keep hydrated and kill the bad bacteria preventing many harmful monsoon diseases. But the water can cause diseases like malaria, dengue, chikanguniya, etc. Rain water seepage through different points results in water contamination. Such contaminated water, when consumed for a long term, can damage your liver, lungs, bladder and kidneys. Water, when consumed untreated, results in different illnesses like food poisoning, typhoid, viral and such, and your immune system has to work real hard to fight off the infections.

Let’s Wind Up

Every year, many people get affected by drinking contaminated water. Especially the poor people are the more prone to this. So, it is better to be alert and practice measures to treat water than being sorry for ever. You can beat the water blues by installing a high-quality water purifier which would help you at large to keep the diseases at bay! Perhaps, it is the most feasible and practical solution to your water woes. A water purifier can help in removing the organic and inorganic impurities present in the water in the easiest manner. Havells, a leading expert in electrical appliances, offers alkaline water purifiers and UV & RO water purifiers which have an 8-step filtration system with the goodness of added minerals for your complete wellness.  Once you install the water purifier, all you need to do is turn on the faucet and get the clean & healthy drinking water. There is absolutely no need to waste your time in boiling and cooling water in different vessels on repeat. So, give yourself and your family a healthy reason to celebrate this monsoon. Bring home a Havells water purifier and enjoy the goodness of purified water without any hassle.