Know The Signs Of A Toxic Relationship Before It’s Too Late!

We often confuse a long relationship as a healthy relationship.  In fact, most often the longer the relationships are the more chances they have of turning toxic because we often start taking each other for granted. People are so enamoured by the notion of love and having someone as their partner that they often refuse to see the truth of the relationship. This, in the long-term, causes them a problem. Ignoring problems in a relationship can work for a while but when you turn a blind eye for a long time, you won’t realize what mess you are in until it is already too late. Realizing that there is something is wrong in your relationship is very important, as it opens the possibility of mending what is broken, working towards solving problems and in turn, making future together or maybe getting out before it is already too late.

Here are the signs of a toxic relationship

Lack of Trust

Trust is the most basic part of any relationships. Relationships, themselves are based upon trust; it is the foundation for forging any relationship between people. If this foundation is cracked, it can easily take down the whole building. So, if you don’t trust each other in taking decisions and making choices, there is a chance that your relationship might go down the path of havoc.

Lack of Respect

If there is no mutual respect between partners about their individual lives, then the relationship is bound to end on a bad note, sooner or later. Respecting each other, through a simple sentiment, it shows that much you care and appreciate the other person for who they are. If you don’t respect each other, you will keep pulling each other down, leaving no room for any improvement, as a couple or even as an individual.

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Lack of Communication

To form any relationship, we need to communicate, talk to each other and get to know one another. Communication helps us to know more about each other and our aspirations. It is our common habits or maybe the opposite nature (In case of the Opposite attracts belief), that make a bond. If the communications between couples become scarce, there can be a lot of misunderstanding, which leads to doubts. And a relationship that breeds doubt, has a low chance of being successful.

Lack of Participation

If you feel like you are the only one making efforts in the relationship then, it might be the time to start rethinking your relationship. We believe that love can conquer all obstacles, that might be true in some cases, but when you are the only one investing in the relationship, while your partner does not acknowledge your efforts, it can be quite damaging to your self-esteem. It can cause acute self-esteem issues and self-doubt, which can leave a long-lasting mark on your personality.


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Lack of Support

If you don’t believe in each other and can’t seem to find it in you to support each other in simple decisions, then there is something worth paying attention to in your relationship. If you don’t support each other in hard times and keep finding excuses to help, ask yourself a question, is this really how a relationship should be? The whole concept of a relationship is based upon being together and there for each other when things are not looking good. But, if you fail even this simple task, then you should start reassessing your relationship.

Lack of Worth

If a relationship makes you doubt yourself and starts to make you feel incompetent, you should try and get out of it before you lose the sense of who you are. Many times in a relationship, due to the neglection from your partners, you start doubting and questing yourself. Rather than question what is wrong with them, you feel guilty and responsible for them behaving that way. This is when things get really hard because you have convinces yourself that you love them and they love you, you don’t want to face the reality, afraid of the truth. But, the truth is quite simple, you deserve someone better.

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Lack of Autonomy

Does your partner think that they have the supreme say in your relationship? Do they think that all the decisions that you make must be consulted by them or try to assert power over you?  If you feel like they do, then they are taking away your basic human right from you.  If they feel the need to exercise this amount of control, not giving you the freedom to choose what you want, you need to try and get out before it’s too late and you lose your sense of identity.

Lack of Happiness

Relationships are about support, happiness, trust and sharing a future with a positive attitude together. But if you don’t feel happy in a relationship, are always stressed and cannot remember you both had a good laugh, it high time to either work on your relationship or get your priorities straight. If you aren’t happy with each other and are making each other feel down and uncomfortable, it’s an obvious sign that something isn’t right.

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All these points cause in adding a rift between the couple and encouraging fights. Fights are the ultimate result of these factors taking action in a relationship. It isn’t just the difference of opinion that causes a fight, it is the lack of trust, support, respect that leads to the point, where fighting and saying almost anything in anger becomes justified.

These are just a few obvious signs that will help you determine if you are in a toxic relationship and help you know the signs before it gets too late.




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