Know the Truth About Nita Ambani’s Secret Mantra That Helped Mumbai Indians Win the IPL

Nita Ambani is wife of Asia’s most richest man and she herself owns  a cricket group from the multi-billion-dollar Indian Premier League, appears to have a mystery mantra

For past few months, a video  is doing the rounds via web-based networking media in which Nita Ambani is seen contacting her eyes, her temple and head right hand while reciting something.

The video was shot amid the match between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Also, individuals imagine that Mumbai Indians’ (MI) hair-raising 40-run triumph was all a result of Mrs Ambani’s mystery serenade.

People on twitter went crazy and shared there thoughts on the mantra. Check out some of the best responses below:

We personally think that the mantra has nothing to do with the success of their team winning the IPL as every player of their team played really well. And you also have to agree on the fact that luck and prayers favors those who work hard and prove themselves worth it. What Nita Ambani doing was just normal prayers that we all do during an intense situation, so inspite of trying to figure out her mantra, go out there and find out your life motto and work hard on it.


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