Korea’s much loved beauty brand Vant 36.5 is now in India and here are ‘Must-Have’ products!

Koreans are synonymous to beauty. They take their skincare routine very seriously. Their absolute flawless, soft and radiant skin texture is understandably an obsession all across the globe. Well, all hail to their ever-innovating advanced beauty products. One such trusted name in Korean beauty industry is Vant 36.5 which is now paving way to India to provide you all with its no-less-than-magic products!

Their range includes sunscreen, face masks, CC creams and other skin care products. Their products are  clinically tested and satisfy 3 key requirements of skin care: effectiveness, skin stability and optimal concentration level. That’s not all, the company has also got CDSCO certificate which is a mandatory certification for selling imported cosmetic products in India.

Vant 36.5 recently organised a promotional event at Pacific Mall, Kaushambhi to introduce their brand to the public. Products like Advance Moisture Cream, Pearl CC Cream, Rice Baby Powder, etc were tested on visitors and unsurprisingly, all of them were totally enthralled with the results.

Rashmi (25), a newly-wed girl was seeking a solution for her extensive dry skin and when Vant 36.5’s Advance Moisture Cream was tried on her, here’s what she had to say. “OMG! This is by far the best moisturising cream I have ever used. This is not heavy unlike other creams and I am loving the soft, supple texture it has given to my skin. I also loved how such a small quantity of the cream has deeply moisturised my entire hand. I want to buy this product right now.”

One of their most special products is their baby powder, ‘Mom’s touch powder’. Several keen moms tried this product on their little kids, and they too were all praises for the exceptionally soft powder. “This is really very smooth and soft. This is not grainy like other baby powders. In fact, this is the softest ever powder I have used on my little one.”

CC creams are quite a rage these days and Vant 36.5 too has its variant named Pear CC Cream. This product emerged as one of the most favourite among women of all age-groups. Pearl brightening CC cream brings you skin moisture to allow you to put make-up easily. At the same time, it provides you with moisturised, delicated and natural pearl luster skin. It has an excellent coverage and is definitely worth a mention. You have to use a very little amount on your face to get a radiant, brightened and moisturised results.

Here are some more products of this amazing brand! Have a look!

Air Touch Cushion CC: This is your ultimate make-up solution. Just a few dabs of its super soft cushion on your face and your make-up base is ready. Its super hydrating cushion adheres to skin like air to make skin healthier and beautiful. Green tea water present in it has exceptional skin relieving and astringent effects which further provide strong hydration whereas mineral-rich glacial milk provides skin care and skin tone correction. The best part is, it is extremely light in comparison to other foundations but results are far more astounding. This doesn’t damage the skin from within rather nourishes it.

Face Masks: Vant 36.5 has an array of face masks for each skin type. Tight Mask sheet for anti-ageing, wrinkles; Moist Mask Sheets are enriched with the goodness of camomile and aloe vera extracts that deeply nurture dry skin; White Mask Sheet aids skin whitening, keeps the skin bright and radiant.

 One Essence: It effectively gets absorbed in the skin to balances pH level and hydration. It also restores moisture, calms the skin and combats other skin problems.

Sun Protection: Super Defence Sun Cream (SPF 50) for men has minimised stickiness and doesn’t leave the skin creamy at all. High UVA and UVB blocking capacity, resistance against water/sweat protects the skin even during intense workouts and long hours of outdoor activities. It also gives a touch of fairness to your skin tone.

We are totally floored with these products! These products are easily available in India on several online shopping portals like Lovelylifestyle.com, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Live your dream of energetic and beautiful skin with Vant 36.5’s super-effective products!


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