Kumar Sanu Questions His Wife Upbringing After His Son Jaan’s Objectionable Remarks On The Marathi Language

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu is facing a lot of backlash over his remarks on the Marathi language. In one of the recent episodes of the reality show, Jaan Kumar Sanu got into an argument with his fellow contestant Nikki Tamboli. In the heated argument Nikki started to speaking in Marathi which irked Jaan and he asked her not to speak in Marathi. This didn’t go well with the Marathi audience of Bigg Boss, later Shiv Sena and MNS threatened the channel and Jaan Kumar Sanu for dire consequences if they will not apologize immediately.


After continuously receiving backlash, Colors TV issued a statement rendering an apology. In the next episode, Jaan was called by Bigg Boss in the confession room and asked to apologize for his comment. Now, Jaan Kumar Sanu’s father Kumar Sanu has come forward to speak on the controversy around his son and questions his mother’s upbringing.

One of the most talented singer of the film industry, Kumar Sanu has apologised on the behalf of his son. In a video shared by the TV9 journalist Shivangi Thakur, Kumar Sanu could be heard saying that his son Jaan has said a very incorrect thing on the National TV. “I heard that my son, Jaan, said something very wrong that never crossed my mind or could have crossed my mind in these 41 years. Maharashtra, Mumbai and Mumba devi blessed me and gave me name, fame and everything else. I can never think such things about that same Mumba devi and Maharashtra. I love and respect all languages of India. I have sung songs in different languages,” he said.

Jaan kumar sanu mother

Kumar said he has not been living with Jaan for the last 27 years and did not know about the upbringing he had received from his mother, Rita Bhattacharya. “I have not been with my son for 27 years. We have been living separately for 27 years. I don’t know about the upbringing his mother gave him and I don’t understand how he could have said such a thing. I am sorry. As a father, I can only apologise to you all,” he said.

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