Whenever it is about a Jackie Chan movie, he is the only reason why we head to the theatres, for he is our favorite action hero of all times. However, his upcoming movie, ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ is adding to our list of reasons. China and India join hands for the movie, as Jackie Chan dances to Hindustani beats with Indian actors. The movie has already created a lot of hype for Indian actors like Sonu Sood, Amyra Dastur and Disha Patani being a part of it. The movie is a treasure hunt and the intriguing trailer is taking our excitement to an all new level.


We met Sonu and Amyra at a Press Conference in Delhi and it was really amazing to hear the duo as  they shared their experiences from the sets. Woman’s Era had an exclusive conversation with the two actors. Have a look:

WE: Tell us something about the movie.

Sonu Sood: It is a Jackie Chan movie. We all have grown up seeing him. What is special about the movie is that the story is about India, there are Indian actors. All the action has been shot at different locations like Iceland, Beijing, Dubai and India. You will get to see Jackie Chan doing Indian dance. We had a lot of fun working on this movie and now as the movie is about to release in India, I am really excited. I hope everyone watches it and like the movie.

WE: 9 years ago, in an interview you said ‘Who knows Jackie Chan will cast me one day in his movie”. How did you feel when you met him on the sets? How was he on the sets?

Sonu Sood: One of my friends showed me that interview. I showed him that interview and he was really happy to see that. It was a great experience. I just said it like that in that interview years ago. Who knew that it would really happen one day! Whenever we were not shooting, we used to dance on the sets. He is a very humble man. He used to have a plate of fruits in his hand and he made everyone eat. Jackie had also arranged an icecream truck on the sets for the team.

_DSC7469WE: You are vegetarian. Did you face any problems while shooting in China?

Sonu Sood: I had to face some problems during the first schedule. By the second schedule, we got everything, right from Rajma to Poha. Me and Amyra used to cook and eat. It is a little difficult for vegetarians to get food there.

WE: Hindi, Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Punjabi, Mandarin, you have done movies in so many different languages. What are your plans ahead?

Sonu Sood: (laughs) You tell me which language I am missing out! I keep finding new languages for my next projects. I was working on a Marathi project but unfortunately it couldn’t happen.

WE: People love you for your fitness. What message would you like to share with those who feel that they should eat less and workout more?

Sonu Sood: It is all about eating right. If you eat right and workout daily, then you will stay fit. I give 3 hours to my body everyday.

WE: Now, your wish to work with Jackie Chan has also come true. Any more wishes?

Sonu Sood: I just want the wishes of my parents and just want that this beautiful journey keeps moving and something good keeps happening.

WE: You have come a long from Bollywood to Hollywood in a short span. How was your journey?

Amyra: Honestly, I have done was unexpected. I never ever thought that I will do a Hollywood film. I was really happy doing my Telgu projects but then this happened. It really great to be a part of three different industries. I have been able to see things from a different perspective after working with three industries, also it makes me happy to see them merging. Today, the best example is Indian actresses like Deepika and Priyanka are working in Hollywood.

WE: So, you have worked with three different industries. What was the major difference and similarity?

Amyra: Filmmaking is same everywhere. You got a camera, director and, dialogues. But at the end of the day, China was a little hard for me. Beijing is not very well versed with English, so we had kind of a communication gap but now we guys have mastered Google translate (laughs). Both me and Sonu are vegetarians and when we wanted to order something at the restaurant, we used to show them a picture and asked them to get it.

WE: Both Jackie Chan and Sonu Sood are action heroes. How was your experience with both of them? Did you face any problem to match them? Who was better?

Amyra: Both of them are amazing. But when you see Jackie Chan, someone we have watched all through our childhood, it was like a dream. For me, it was hard but I am also a fit person. I remember, post shoot, Me, Sonu and Disha used to hit the gym and I tried matching Sonu. Sonu used to help me a lot at the gym. For the kind of sequences, we had to perform in the movie, it was really important for us to be fit.

Well, the movie has been released in China and it is getting an amazing response. We are eagerly waiting for the movie to make its way to India. Kung Fu Yoga releases this 3rd February. Go have a ball!

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