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Ahmedabad to Bhuj – Explore the rich history of Kutch

Gujarat has a colourful heritage, and one of its most magnificent towns is located in the far west. Bhuj is a city that has a strong aristocratic past and is a unique destination that many have not considered. An Ahmedabad to Bhuj road trip would make a perfect weekend getaway. Here are some reasons why this journey is recommended.

Route map of Ahemdabad to Bhuj

Enroute Attractions

The route from Ahmedabad to Bhuj is around 330 km via the NH947. On the way, there are many stops that can be of interest to travellers. The town of Dhrangadhra used to be the seat of a princely state, and there are many landmarks in the vicinity. There are many temples here, and it is a good place to stop for authentic Jain cuisine.

Jain Cuisine enroute Bhuj

Bhuj – Welcome to Kutch

Bhuj is a historic city and gateway to the unique and vast landscape of the Kutch district. Though devastated by an earthquake at the beginning of the 21st century, the city still has an alluring medieval vibe about it. This is because of its famed architecture which blends old Hindu elements and designs with the more recent Islamic influence.

Pragmahal @ Bhuj

One of the main attractions here is the Prag Mahal, the 19th-century palace of sandstone and marble that is inspired by European design. The clock tower is a major feature, and it is striking to see an Italian Gothic building rise out of the arid Kutch ground in a far corner of Gujarat. The pierced stone walls and ramparts of the Aina Mahal remain of what was once a splendorous structure of marble, bronze, and glass. One can wander around the corridors of this haunting 17th-century building and visit some of the restored corners.


Situated close to the serene Hamirsar Lake is the oldest museum in the state – Kutch Museum. Here one can see sculptures from the times of the Western Satraps, ancient rulers of the region. Seals and tablets from various archaeological sites, including Indus valley exhibits, make the Kutch Museum a wonderful window into the subcontinent’s antiquity history.


Bhuj is also known for its craftsmanship and exploring its bazaars for some bargains is a good way to soak in the atmosphere of the city. Watch out for the tie-and-dye and embroidered fabrics. It is also known for its distinctive leatherwork. Bhuj also has a very different cuisine from the rest of Gujarat. Kutchi Dabeli is a popular snack here – one can compare it to a vegetarian burger with a local twist.


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Bhuj City Map


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