Kya Se Kya Ho Gaye Dekhte Dekhte, Smriti Irani Takes A Dig At Her Weight, Shares A Picture Of A Thinner Self

Former TV actress and current member of Parliament, Smriti Irani is quite active on social media. While most of us have the ability to laugh on others very few people have the ability to take a joke on themselves. And Smriti Irani is one of them, she recently took to Instagram to share then and now photos of herself. The first photo was a throwback picture of her younger and thinner self with BJP MP Darshana Jardosh and in the other photo Smriti is again seen with Darshana Jardosh but her appearance seem to have changed over years. Taking a dig at herself she wrote, “Kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte when #thoughtfulthursday weighs’ on you @darshanajardosh”. The actress garnered applause for this courageous act as not anybody can take jokes on themselves. Take a look at the pictures:

Coming back to her personal life, Smriti is married to Zubin Irani and she has always confessed that it was her husband’s support that helped her to achieve great heights. Stating the reason why she married she said, “I married Zubin because I needed him. I was consulting him, talking to him and meeting him every day. So we said why not marry and be best friends as well as a married couple. Both my parents and his agreed to our marriage and blessed us. I would never dream of marrying against the wishes of my parents because I believe strongly that hurting parents causes unhappiness and destruction for the couple.”

Speaking about how her family comes first for her, she said, “I hold my family and home as my first priority. People ask me how I can act in KKSBKBT, which promotes the Pati Parmeshwar culture. It is easy for me to do this kind of role because of Zubin Irani, my husband is my Parmeshwar. He comes first in all my priorities. But I am his Parmeshwar too. I come first in his life too. People say that after a child is born, a woman puts her husband on the back burner because the baby becomes her world. But Zubin is still the number one person in my life, despite the birth of Zohr, my son, a few months ago. I know that Zohr will leave us when he grows up. We both are for keeps. Zohr is one more link between us.”

Smriti’s husband Zubin was earlier married to Mona but the couple got divorced when their marriage went sore. Zubin has a daughter named Shanelle from his first marriage and Smriti considers Shanelle as her own kid. “I’m lucky to have Zubin, who is an asset to me. People are surprised that my marriage is so successful despite his earlier divorce. But I’m friends with Mona, his ex-wife and their daughter Shanelle. Their differences are none of my business. My life with him and the two children are my business and I want to do my best.”

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