‘In our leisure we reveal what kind of people we are’-Ovid          

How many of us have a burning desire to utilize our free time in a productive and constructive way! This article is intended to act as a guide for choosing a perfect and refreshing hobby, in case you have not landed on any, depending on one’s personality trait.

According to leading psychologists, personality traits can be broadly classified into 5 categories as follows: (a) Openness (b) Conscientiousness (c) Extraversion (d) Agreeableness and (e) Neuroticism.

art work

People who are high on ‘openness’  are those who are highly imaginative, absorbing new ideas like a sponge and being artistic and highly intellectual. Some of the appropriate hobbies for these people are:

Reading: Ernest Hemingway once rightly remarked, ‘There is no friend as loyal as a book.’ A good book can take you to places where your mind can explore the unexplored.

Being a prerequisite to writing, reading can go a long way in improving your vocabulary and communication skills. So next time you feel bored, reading can be a wonderful option to utilize your time.

Writing: This can be a wonderful hobby as penning down one’s thoughts is a nice outlet for the underlying dormant feelings. Even a little bit of inclination to writing may open doors to a wholly new world of imagination and fantasy. The World Wide Web can also act as a medium with which one can showcase one’s talents and skills in writing. Sometimes it feels good to leave the real world and enter the imaginary world of creative thoughts and put them down on a piece of paper. Who knows, if you discover that you have a way with words then you might even earn a few extra bucks along the way.

Arts and Crafts: Since people who have openness as their personality trait are highly imaginative and artistic, they should seriously consider taking arts and crafts as their hobby. They can try their hands in fields like candle making, knitting, painting, creating a scrapbook, etc. A sense of satisfaction that one gains out of this hobby has no bounds. Starting from scratch and trying to develop the art or craft you are working on into a masterpiece is truly a rewarding experience.

Higher Studies: Age is no bar for pursuing higher studies. With distance learning programs, one can sharpen their skill sets from the comfort of their home. Name any educational field and one can find innumerable in depth study materials, ranging from scratch to advanced levels, in the Internet. A laptop, broadband connection, interest and dedication are all you need to master any skill set.

People, who are high on ‘conscientiousness’, have the tendency to be organized, highly efficient, patient and cautious. Some apt hobbies for such people are:

Rearranging one’s own abode: Though this may sound silly, rearranging one’s home and making it orderly is an excellent and engaging hobby. Believe it or not, time just flies for those who would love to see their house arranged in a neat and organized fashion. Giving a new look to your home is always a visual treat. Also, altering the arrangements frequently may yield great satisfaction and newness to your home.

Course on interior decoration: Doing a course on interior decoration is exciting as well as satisfying. What with a number of free online interior decorating courses available, you can add a creative touch in decorating your house.

Home tutoring: Being organised, skilled and efficient in one’s own domain is a prerequisite for home tutoring. By imparting your knowledge to others, you will not only be putting your knowledge to good use, but also be giving a helping hand to others who are in dire need of it. Irrespective of the level you may choose, you will just enjoy this.

Building a website: This is a very interesting hobby. If you have a little computer knowledge, you can do a quick Internet research as to what platform you would use to build a website with. The user friendly WordPress might be the best option. If you get the hang of it, there is no other hobby as engrossing as this one.

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