Amavasya or no moon day marks the beginning of a new lunar month. The word Amavasya means dark moon Lunar Phase in Sanskrit. Ama means ‘together’ and vasya means ‘to dwell’.

In most beliefs, the day of Amavasya is not auspicious as it is the day when the evil spirits are stronger. If you believe in black magic, it is also said that, its effect is stronger on the day of Amavasya. Thus, Gods are worshipped on this day especially Goddess kali and Lord Shiva as it is believed that they have a power to destroy the evils. Some people also fast on this day.

Amavasya has its own importance and have some influence on human life and effects human body as well. It is generally believed that is has bad effects on humans.

The last Amavasya of the year 2016 is falling on 28th December and here are the remedies which can be done to nullify its bad effects.

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  • Clean each and every corner of your house and give away the non-useful things, this will reduce the negative in your home as well as negativity from your mind.
  • Light an earthen lamp to destroy the evils. Do this practice in the morning as well as after sunset to prevent fights and tensions in your home among the people.
  • For wealth benefits, hoist a triangular yellow flag on top of Lord Vishnu Temple in such a way that it continuously flutters.
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  • Offer five different kinds of fruits to the cow, by doing this the atmosphere of your house will always remain auspicious and happy.
  • Offer wheat balls to fishes. This will nullify the ill effects of Amavasya as well.
  • Avoid these practices on the day of Amavasya for a successful It includes, anger, violence, immoral acts, comsumption of alcohol and non veg food, physical relation etc.
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