Not even a week is left for the Santa Claus to come on the sleigh with his jingle bells. But as the festivity and rivalries begin, it is again that time of the year to exchange gifts with your loved ones. But hey, are you the one just like me, who always run late on everything? It is a sure thing then, that you must have not yet done the Christmas gift shopping too.

Well, don’t worry and take a sigh of relief. We bring to you some easy helpful ideas for you to tackle this hurried situation.

– Aromatic Candles: Doesn’t matter how clichéd or how common it sounds. But a lavish looking good pair of aromatic scented candles can never ever go outdated. The markets and malls are abundantly stocked with plethora of Christmas candles encapsulated with a variety of fragrances. However, the way you get the candles packed can truly add wonders to your gift. Also, do not forget to add a personalized message with the candles that can bring a smile to your loved ones face.


– Scrumptious Chocolates: Christmas brings along with it a lot of tempting food for our taste buds. And chocolates are forever. Delight your loved ones with scrumptious flavor-rich chocolates. Do some DIY and pack them in a cute woolen christmas socks or cap; tie them up with a red ribbon and yes, add a personalised message too (it is mandatory). Or else, it s definitely going to give an impression that you do not care and are offering these chocolates just for the sake of it.


– Winter Essentials: Christmas means arrival of extreme winters. And what better than gifting some winter essentials. A lot cute woolen wears like caps, mufflers, scarfs, boots, etc are apt christmas gifts especially for girls and kids. Not only will they end up being as mere showpieces but will actually be utilized.


– Santa Cap: Wait wait! Not just a santa cap, ofcourse. Fill the cap with some exciting goodies that you feel the other person will like. Put in some short notes and letters, candies, cupcakes, decorative items, etc.


– Mason Jar: These are the latest hits. Easily available in the market in a variety of colors, mason jars prove to  be a unique and ideal christmas gifts for your loved ones. However, it would be preferred to fill in the mason jars with some quirky things. For instance, cotton balls and christmas tree decoration items will enhance the Christmas zeal. Put in a diwali lights string in the jar. Once the person plugs in the switch, it will turn into a beautiful eye catchy showpiece, which one can use as a perfect tableside item.


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