Lata Mangeshkar’s Unheard Song From 90s ‘Theek Nahi Lagta’ Is Out Now!

Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj has a special treat for Lata Mangeshkar fans on Tuesday for her birthday. She released a song not heard by the singer. The song was originally recorded for a movie in the 1990s that was later discontinued. The song, written by Gulzar, titled Theek Nahi Lagta, was released under Vishal Bhardwaj’s record label, VB Music.

Vishal went to the Instagram page and wrote: “What emerges from a long lost tape is a record of tenderness, beauty and melody. Composed two decades ago and reorchestrated recently, this echo of the past resonates with the spirit of the Nightingale of India. So let the poetry of music and the vessel of its life take your breath away. Happy birthday Lata didi @lata_mangeshkar.”

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Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, the music video for the song features Lata Mangeshkar’s recap of her younger days. The video also talks about some interesting facts from her life. For example, how Lata Mangeshkar was originally called “Hema” when he was born. However, she was later named Lata after a character, Latika, from her father’s play.

Talking about the song, Vishal had in an interview, “I always used to think that that song was very good. There were cassettes in that era, where could we release them? The film was supposed to be made, and before I knew it, eight-10 years had passed. And, then we lost the song.” He further said that started looking for the song 10-12 years ago but could not find it then. It was only three years ago that he got a call from the studio that had originally recorded the song.

“It was from a studio that was about to be closed, and they said, ‘Aap ke naam ka ek tape mila hai, agar aap ko lena ho toh le lijiye nahi toh humlog fenk denge (We found a tape with your name, take it if you want. Otherwise, we will throw it away).’ There were many songs in that tape, and this song was among them. I retrieved Lata ji’s voice from that song and usko contemporaries kar liya,” the musician-filmmaker added.

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