What I learnt while growing up watching those Suraj barjatya films

By admin

January 23, 2017

Remember the hindi family dramas where family was everything and all people wanted was to be with their families. The hero was one of those sanskari betas and the heroines obviously were those who did everything a super dedicated and loving girls would do to keep her family away from the villain lady who kept on searching for ways to break tge unity of the family. And family love and bond always won over all these obstacles. Well, if you were a 90’s kid who grew up in India then you must be quite familiar with these familial stories. We are talking about none other than the suraj barjatya movies. No doubts the movies were great but we seriously hope that these movies had not taught us what they actually did.

Hindu families

One thing I could never understand about barjatya movies were why all his movies were surrounded around Hindu families. There were no Muslim characters whatsoever in these movies and if there then they were shown in typical stereotypical manner.

  1. Ek ladka or ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte

Well, I still wonder how did barjatya ji came up with this theory. Why can’t men and women ever be friends. Was he actually telling us that there can never be any healthy relationship between a girl and a guy? Marriage is what every girl aims for

Well yes of course, there is no place for career, education or anything like that, tge girl always find solace in the end only when she gets married. Every lead actress in barjatya movie always get tie the knot in the end and live happily ever after. No place for dark complexion girls

Why would anyone be so racist in any movie? All his actresses are fair skin and are tge epitome of female charm and beauty. None of his actresses are dark complexion girls.

  1. The husband is the decision maker. ALWAYS

We could never understand why he put in so much of patriarchy in his pictures. The women never had any say in the family decision. Men, either the babuji or the pati parmeshwar were the one’s who had the last say.