Leo Juventa- The Holistic Healing Destination, Hyderabad is undoubtedly one of the biggest wellness resorts of the country to give you a restorative and therapeutic holiday at this 500-acre Retreat. Located 60-min drive from Hyderabad Airport, you will achieve wholesome detoxification and healthier definition of yourself here.

The holistic health resort is a one man show run by Mr.G.S.Chakravarthi Raju, CMD. Extremely polite, low profile Business Tycoon who has maintained the tradition of excellent service and remarkable hospitality. His humble attitude is noteworthy.


The basket of facilities includes Two Swimming Pools and International Standard Gymnasium.
You can choose to stay either in the resort rooms that offer various categories ranging from deluxe to palatial suites or at therapy suites within the Spa and Rejuvenation Center. Each room comes with an outdoor hot tub or garden spa space where you can further melt away the urban stress.

Modern amenities include technically advanced services like Thermage, Thermathao and Body Capsule, power Cardio at the Physio Sports Rehab. A Beauty Salon coupled with a specially designed Kids Salon and Spa Shop is available. The Holistic Café ensures Complete Rejuvenation.


Disciples of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Unani, Tibetan Medicine and Western Wellness Approaches are crucial offerings. Leo Juventa Holistic Healing Destination features 90 special Curative Programmes & Therapies that are designed to aid in holistic healing for a variety of lifestyle disorders and medical conditions.

Body Shaping and Weight Management packages are a must try. Cosmetic Laser Therapies and innovative Anti-Ageing treatments ensure that beauty is timeless. Yoga and Meditation reaches new level against such pristine backdrop.


Houses India’s First Temazcal. It is an ancient Mesoamerican healing practice and rejuvenation ritual in which steam is generated through volcanic rocks.

Boasts of India’s First Mud Club where you get most organic healing aid with full body mud bath, mud pack zones and mud splash under water showers.

Aqua Gym–You get to work out inside a pool with Multiple Weight Training equipments targeted for Shoulders, Chest, Legs, Back, Abdomen and Torso.

Turkish Hammam has four different seating areas which have four different types of nozzles for a range of pressures to stimulate the spine.

Organic Juventa Farms where ingredients and herbs are grown free of artificial pesticides, fertilizers and contaminants. Freshly sourced fruits, vegetables, herbs, poultry, meat and dairy products whip up the most organic meals which are the biggest healers for internal immune system.

Infinity Pool connects the horizon of the water with the sky. Water Based Activities, Aqua Aerobics and Water Fitness activities are conducted to perfection. Hydro-wellness gives you the most curative water healing therapies.

LEISURE BEAT  spoils you with more than 6o Outdoor, Indoor and Water based activities.

Contact details:

Leo Juvneta

Leonia Holistic Destination,

Bommaraspet, Shameerpet,

Ranga Reddy District,

Hyderabad 500078, India

Website: http://www.leojuventa.com/

Phone: +91 4066400000

Email: [email protected]



Khushboo Jain, Wellness Advocate

Founder Madaboutwellness

[email protected]