Lesser known facts about menstruation every girl should know

Menstruation is a natural cycle which every girl have to face. It is a sign which marks the beginning of adulthood in a girl’s life. We all are aware of this natural process but there are some interesting and little lesser known facts associated with menstruation which many of us are unaware of. Let’s have a look to some of the facts.

Menstruating makes you less attractive to men.

Menstrual cycle is a phase during which many changes takes place in a girl’s body. One such change is the change in body odour. Body smell of female changes during ovulation and a man’s testosterone levels are directly affected by a woman’s scent and hence they are less attractive towards women during this period.

Average quantity of blood lost during a period is somewhere around two tablespoons to half a cup

The total average amount of blood lost during a menstrual phase is around three tablespoons a half cup. This includes blood clots.

The average woman will spend nearly ten years of her life menstruating.

In other words, about 3,500 days of the average woman’s life will be spent “on the rag.”

Menstruation can change your voice.

One study published in the journal Ethnology claimed that voice tone of menstruating women become slightly more menacing than normal.

 Your body mimics the symptoms of pregnancy during menstruation

During your menstrual cycle, your body secretes hormones that cause irritability, feeling bloated, acne, and fluid retention—which are exactly the same symptoms one experiences during pregnancy.