Right expectations
For that it is essential to have reasonable expectations from him. If you have high expectations, then disappointments can be caused, so the expectations should be nil and then you will be pleasantly surprised when he does something for you. You should also celebrate his successes instead of being feline and taunting him about something just to get back at him for some (what you think) so-called crime he has done to you.


The best is to display a sense of humour. This would get the two closer and also diffuse any volatile situation. Humour is appreciated by all but it should not be of the piercing and hurtful variety. If you both enjoy being with each other, then a personal rapport would permanently be there between the two of you instead of your slanging matches that the world will ridicule.

It is also necessary for you to believe in his worth and respect his dignity and ability, especially in front of others. If a wife does not show respect to her husband in front of others, then others don’t respect him either.

If he has done something that you think is a mistake, point it out to him and hear his side of the story. Even if you find that it was his mistake, understand that mistakes happen and try and forget and forgive, though this is very difficult as it comes to women very naturally to remember past grievances and throw them at their husband, much to his discomfiture. But then be ready when he tells you about your mistakes. Take them without feeling bad.

Let him choose

You should also often provide him with choices to be his own person. He should have his space. Don’t demand every second of his time. He is entitled to some time of his own. Let him do for some time what he likes best, whether it is talking to his friends, watching cricket or talking to his mother. It is also helpful if you establish a positive relationship with his parents and if he has a friendly relationship with your parents. The harmony of a family often is intruded upon by disagreements because of the extended family.

What would be the best is to create a peaceful environment at home where he can let his hair down and be himself instead of being on his guard always. If he has suspense regarding when you will blame him or accuse him, then he will run away from you. The fact is that you need to just accept him as he is and not try to change him. Find glory in the differences between the two of you and just love him for what he is and let him be. Then both of you can enjoy life and your husband will give a fitting retort to snides and taunts by others about you.


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