“Let’s Smash The Patriarchy” : Parineeti Chopra Opens Up On Facing Sexism

Though we live in progressive times, there’s a lot we still need to achieve in the fight for gender equality. Women in our society are still viewed as ‘Second Class’ citizens no matter what they achieve or how talented they are. We as a society need to acknowledge that gender inequality or the disparity in status and power between men and women, continues to exist even today.

A woman competing against a man for a high-ranking position in one of these institutions may face hostile sexism because she is viewed as a threat to the status quo of male authority. Parineeti Chopra, who was recently seen in  ‘Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar’ – a movie that talks about the various ways in which sexism impacts women, opened up about her own struggles with sexism. She talks about how sexism impacted her life and how she is not ready to accept it at any cost.

In an interview with Film Companion, Parineeti opened up about an instance where the contractors who had come to build her house insisted on talking to a man regarding important decisions. “I say, No. I bought this house, I’ve made the payments. It’s mine so I will choose the tiles,” said the actress. 

Sharing her views on society, she recalled various incidents of sexism that she faced in her personal and professional life. “People have become so immune to the patriarchy that they don’t even think about it. Let’s smash the patriarchy. We were trying to show how accepted the patriarchy is in India and how much we wish that would change,” Parineeti further added.

Recalling instances from her personal life, Parineeti shared how she grew up noticing sexism and male dominance around her, even in her own family, “I was reminded of the small town I grew up in, where the women weren’t allowed to eat till the men went to sleep. They couldn’t eat while the men were still seated at the dining table. Even at my house, my mother wasn’t allowed to sit and eat. It’s not that my father made her do this, but it was an unspoken rule in the house.” 

Women everywhere in the world face sexism in some or another way. Many forms of sexism are subtle because they are embedded in our culture. The need of the hour is to point out and fight back the vices present in our society, instead of accepting them as fate or cultural beliefs.

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