Let’s Talk Makeup: Drugstore V/s High-End Brands; Everything You Need To Know

Makeup a charismatic world, captivating every girl’s attention by reflecting back those glimmers from the packaging kept under those yellow lights. Makeup in the current times has become the closest and the most personal possession of a girl. I’m sure most of us here are makeup junkies owning a separate vanity full of the products belonging to different brands, out of which we must have shortlisted our favorites.

Makeup calls for some heavy investment and along with that tag along with our skin concerns. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are certain points that one should always keep in mind when buying makeup. I get it, the packaging of the product can lure you away without pitching our attention towards the price point or the performance of that product.

Now, this is something we need to be conspicuous about. Just because the packaging is alluring or the brand is running some exciting offers, it doesn’t mean we need to invest our hard-earned money into it. Whenever makeup shopping always listen to your gut, consider the important factors such as the price range, the quality, quantity, performance, manufacturing, certain eligible certification required by the company, and most importantly, demarcate yourself. This will help you in buying just the right product which is the need of the hour and avoid unnecessary wastage.

You must be thinking what can be the points that can bring out such a huge difference between these two categories. We usually rely on this assumption that just because the product is ranged exclusively, it is definite that the results will be meeting our expectations. But that is not the case always, If you are opting for an online shopping alternative always look up the previous reviews and the ratings.

Below are a few points of comparison that should be preceded while making makeup purchases.

  • Cost: Whenever we wish to buy a product whether online or offline, Cost is the very first factor that hits our brains, which gives rise to certain questions,’ Is the product justifying the cost mentioned’, ‘Will it give us the results that we are expecting from it for the price we are paying?’ Because if we are paying thousands of rupees on a bottle of foundation that is exceeding the budget, it needs to give us that flawless and full-coverage look that we have been dreaming about. Always shortlist those brands first whose results have been consistent and are recommended by many.
  • Stop Judging By The Name: By this, I’d like to pinpoint that there is nothing kept in the name of the brand. Just because the brand is named Swiss Beauty or Miss Claire it doesn’t raise any questions on their performance. There are multiple drugstore brands in the makeup industry that are worth your money. They are moderately priced, excellent results, considerate quality, and desirable staying power. In fact, you might find a wider shade range and product range that are both protracted and cost-effective in nature. So many small brands are budding on Instagram nowadays.  And the highlight is that these are female-led brands and made in India as well, and a step for our country towards becoming ATMANIRBHAR. These brands are contributing to making an evolutionary change in this industry.

  • Go Vegan: This means to look for products that do not contain any animal skin or have not been tested on animals. Many brands have still not opted for this option and purchasing from these brands actually holds us equally accountable in supporting these brands towards such harsh methods. Always look for the brands that going cruelty-free, it will not only save your skin but also your lending a helping hand in saving the animals.
  • Dermatologically Tested: We all are well aware of our skin concerns and look up the products for the same. While purchasing go through the ingredient list and make sure whether it is recommended by a dermatologist or not. Indians have a large variation in terms of skin textures so it is important for you to pay attention to these details to save your skin from unwanted side effects and failed purchases.

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