LGBT- A Minority Grappling Since Decades

LGBT is considered a minority community by the people of this world. LGBT is an abbreviation of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgenders, which is further extended to LGBTQ or LGBTQIA which refers to queer, intersex, and asexual groups. This community has been fighting for its rights, privileges, a chance to live with equality, respect, and at peace in society. Why are these people held in contempt? What is their fault that we look down upon them with such hatred and disdain?

In LGBTQIA, Queer is a peculiar word for the people who are not straight, Intersex is in the context of those whose sex is not clearly defined or are still trying to figure out themselves, it could be because of hormonal or biological reasons. Asexual is for those groups who do not feel or get sexually attracted to other people. This community has also included a category of gender-fluid people whose sexuality makes a shift depending on the situation.

Since this community had to suffer a lot in order to make people realize their existence, make society respect them just like they do others, and consider them normal without blaming them consisting of some genetic disorder, they came up with PRIDE parades. June is considered to be the month of pride when LGBT communities all around the world come down on the roads in solidarity to celebrate and express their freedom. A considerate number of straight people also take part to show their support to the community.

Pride gatherings are extremely exuberant and arduous in nature since these minority groups have been penalized with the act of prejudice for ages and in order to make themselves accepted for who they are. These people suffer injustice and discrimination in every aspect whether it be their workplace, their families, etc. Further, I would like to reflect some light upon, what led to the rise of PRIDE Parades.


It was June 28, 1969, when a gay bar in Stonewall, New York’S Greenwich Village was being busted by police who began assaulting the customers. As soon as this act came into action the tension among the people enraged who started resisting and a large crowd of bystanders came in support of these people and retaliated to the police by throwing bottles and coins upon them. Just after this act, people started harassing the community by boycotting them from society, which led them to raise their voice by coming down to the streets, which went on for 3 days. Continuous assault and defamation from the authorities and neighbourhood led to the rise of Gay Rights movements and communities like Gay Liberation Fronts came into power to protect these people. The members of the party started meeting up with political leaders for their support, held protests, and interrupted public events. Just after a year of the Stonewall riots, the very first PRIDE march was held in March. The area around where all the protests were held has become a popular evening spot and declared a national monument.

Now, that we have made us aware of the history of this community, have you ever wondered why is it named “PRIDE?”. Brenda Howard,  a bisexual activist in New York who organized the first parade to solemnize the Stonewall rebellion. The one thing that separates this community from the others is their Flag, which represents the people of this ring. In 1978, the San Francisco City advisor Harvey milk openly elected an artist Gilbert Baker as a gay official and tendered him with the responsibility of designing a flag for the upcoming PRIDE event in the city. The flag represents a rainbow, which inspires the different groups of the gay community.

The people of this community are no different from the others and deserve the same amount of respect, consideration, the right to be treated with equality and it is the responsibility of society to honour them with what they deserve. Their rights should be legalized, it should be made clear to the people that they are not a disgrace to society, in fact, these people have a much deeper sense of understanding, belongingness, and humanity. In fact, people should be taught the existence and rights of this community.


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