Liam Payne Criticized Gigi Hadid’s Tweet Defending Zayn Malik As A ‘Respectful King’ Didn’t Age Well!

During a recent appearance on the Logan Paul Podcast, Liam Payne also commented on Malik’s falling out with Logan’s brother Jake Paul and made a sarcastic comment on Hadid’s 2020 tweet defending her then-boyfriend. Liam spoke to Logan Paul about his former One Direction bandmate on the latest episode of the Impulsive podcast. Logan mentioned Malik’s name while discussing the 2020 feud his brother Jake Paul had with the singer in Las Vegas. When Gigi Hadid was Zayn’s girlfriend, she tweeted in support of Malik, calling him a “respectful king” and Jake “irrelevant.”

Payne responded by saying, “She tweeted something about getting a respectable man or something. This one hasn’t aged well.” Payne’s comment alluded to Hadid and Malik’s eventual split last year, which came after the model’s mother Yolanda accused the singer of trying to hit her during an argument. A report also states that the singer shoved Yolanda into a dresser and referred to her as a “f**king Dutch sl*t.”

“There are many reasons I don’t like Zayn and many reasons I will always, always be by his side,” Liam concluded. If I had to go through what he went through, growing up and all. The encouragement from my parents can be overwhelming at times. In that sense, Zayn had a different upbringing.

Although Payne’s comment upset Malik’s fans. Although Liam said later in the interview that Malik was also “misunderstood,” his comment about Gigi went viral.

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