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The library paradise in China is every Bookworm’s dream come true

By admin

November 17, 2017

Libraries are not only a book storage room but every bibliophile’s home. The serenity and silence are enjoyed by avid readers because who likes disturbance? And if the interiors are breath-taking then it gives us more reasons to visit the holy place of books! And Binhai Cultural District in Tianjin is where exactly you’ll find a library which is nothing but a walk in heaven! The architecture has been complimented with its interiors and is surely mesmerizing. The photos do only a small justice to this wonderful masterpiece: 1. It has 1.2 million books.

2. Spanning 34,000 square meters, it is a 5-storey building.

3. The project took 3 years to complete

4. The library has terrace bookshelfs

5. The architecture is inspired by topographical spheres.

6. What a stunning beauty!

7. The future is here..

Let’s just book the tickets to China now, shall we?