Utilize a pumice stone to de-fluff a sweater.

You might need to use a roller too to make your sweaters more slick and clean.

Hang your handbags with curtain hooks.



Discover the hole in your tire:

In the event that you are losing air in your tire, however can’t discover a screw/nail/opening: fill your tire loaded with air, remove your tire and get some liquid soad and water. Air pockets will be created at the place where there is a hole or crack .

Utilize a empty bowl greased with oil to swat mosquitoes


Take a bowl and grease it with oil properly. Just swat the bowl wherever you see the mosquitos.

Paint your keys with nail paints to effortlessly recognize the sets.


Use sweet or cutlery plate to store your adornments.

A sweet or cutlery tray can be used to store and organize your jewels.

Take some water in the glass and put it beside your pizza in the microwave.


Take some water in the glass and put it beside your pizza in the microwave. It will help the crust to become more fluffy and chewy.

Use two fingers to try out your bra fit.


On the off chance that you can’t easily fit two fingers under the band of your bra, it is too tight. In the event that you can fit your whole clench hand under the band, it’s too free.

Put baking soda pop in your belly to get odour free footwear.

When you put shoes on without socks, your feet sweat and begin to smell. On the off chance that you put baking soda pop in your footwear, it will end the microbes and dispose of that gross scent.

Unclog basin drains without costly chemicals.

Pour 2 spoon of baking soda and a measure of vinegar into an obstructed deplete. When it quits frothing flush down the sink and your channels will be clear. A shabby and earth agreeable approach to unclog a sink

Stop crying over your onions

To stop crying over your onions, peel and cleave the ends. Take a bowl of frosty water and dip the onion for 30 seconds. You’ll dice without tears

Ice can remove chewing-gum from your spoiled stuff.

It will solidify the gum, making it non-sticky and will remove easily. You can likewise utilize this technique for getting gum off the soles of shoes, off from your bedsheets ,walls and further.

Drink a sip of water and avoid tooth decay.

Drink a sip of water after drinking coffee, sweets, soda or beverages to keep your teeth healthy and white. It will protect you from cavity or tooth decay.

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