Lifespan Of A Sperm; How Long Does A Male Gamete Live Outside A Body?

A wonderful sex is that happens with consent, respect and pleasure. While a few do it as a task for making their next generation, many others do it casually or for building intimacy with their partner. The latter group who does it simply for pleasure or for intimacy takes precautions to avoid pregnancy. But have you ever thought of lifespan of a sperm which goes out of the body?

Many of us think that the sperm which is expelled from body will die within seconds. This is wrong. A sperm denied entry to the vagina can live outside for 30-40 minutes depending on the room temperature. A small amount of semen that comes before ejaculation known as ‘precum’ also is doubted for pregnancy when it comes in contact with the vagina.

What about the sperm which managed to get into a female body? How long can it live?

It is scientifically proven that a sperm which entered a female body after ejaculation can live around 5 days. And another interesting part of it is that during these days, the female reproductive tract will have all nutrients essential for a sperm to survive. Next is the long journey of sperms. The sperms swim through cervix after which they reach the uterus. Then they enter fallopian tubes and reach their destination, the female egg.

Is withdrawal a safe measure for planned parenthood?

Even we have other contraceptive methods like condoms or spermicide, withdrawing is considered to be the most effective method. But the problem is with performing the withdrawal. It is studied that 1 in 5 women get pregnant because of incorrect withdrawal. Only thing to be noted is to keep away penis from vagina and vulva before ejaculation.

It is true that sperm cannot live under very hot circumstances. Considering the fact, hot tub intercourse is preferred by many couples as a part of their planned parenthood. But no one can ever have sex in too hot water right? Having intercourse in less hot water may yield the opposite result. Water makes sperm even more easy to access the vaginal tract.


When it comes to random sex or building intimacy, choose healthy contraceptive measures. Parenting needs preparation and is a responsible role. It shouldn’t happen out of ignorance or carelessness. You need to be financially stable and mentally ready for the baby. See that you do not force someone to abort or intake pills, instead share equal roles in contraception too.

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