How often we have heard our elders saying that ‘health is wealth’,yet  only a few of us have actually realized the importance of physical fitness . Good health does not only mean to have a body free from diseases but means complete mental, physical, spiritual, and social well-being of a person.

In today’s competitive world people find it difficult to take time out of their hectic schedule and take up any form of  physical activity. Often people work under stressful conditions and neglect their health, resulting in an increase in the number of diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression, and hypertension, etc.  Without health and physical fitness, no individual can achieve their goals or become a productive member of a society. A healthy and stress-free life is only possible through physical fitness.

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Did you always want to look your fit and fabulous best? Want to jet-set your journey from flab to abs? Have you always started out enthusiastically but given up hearing about yearly memberships and monthly subscriptions? Do you want to look great but feel that signing up for a gym is annoying? At the end of the day, do you still want fitness to be your middle name?The answer is GOODVICE—the perfect app for fitness enthusiasts.The new app helps you book fitness sessions at the best gyms, studios and other fitness facilities in town – letting you work out anywhere, anytime just by booking a session on the app while paying online.

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However, this is where the similarities with all its counterparts end. Not only does GOODVICE allow one to browse though hundreds of fitness facilities in their area, it also let’s you book a session at your own convenience and leisure. This new integration allows users to accurately track their fitness activities with partner facilities, and also work out how many days they have  been active on their journey – it’s like your personal pedometer, only this gives you a count for how many steps you have  taken towards your fitness goal.

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It’s that simple. But do you know what exactly is the cherry on top of this extremely calorie-conscious cake?The app allows you to buy one session at a time (and say goodbye to memberships that are so difficult to keep up with) and pay for it as you go. Cut out those yearly contracts, because you don’t need them ever again.

Not only does this superb clause help consumers form a daily habit before they commit to the large cause of becoming fitter and happier, but it also provides variety to fitness enthusiasts and regular goers – they don’t need to be bogged down by boring cardio workouts and generic weight- training sessions anymore.

GOODVICE doesn’t just limit itself to gyms – it goes full circle by understanding that every fitness opportunity is equally important. Whether you want to prep up for Pilates or zone out with some great Zumba, whether you yearn a good yoga lesson or are curious about Crossfit, the app is your ticket to get on board your fitness journey right away and there’s more than one destination!

Which is why it’s an app that every woman needs – whether you are a stay-at-home mum or a working entrepreneur, a health conscious senior citizen or an energetic college student, this is your answer to all your fitness dreams.

Currently available in around 18 cities and having partnered with over 1000 facilities across cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru etc., GOODVICE effectively plans to reach out to people staying in both, a plush metropolis and a thriving second tier town.


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