Every year there is some trend that makes a big hit–2016 is saw lip art in two-tones, ombre lips, drippy lips, glitter lips, and now this new lip art called hologram lips is making quite a bang and is set to slay 2017. Honestly, it’s almost impossible to tear your eyes away.This art provides for a high-octane look; you can either wear them alone or over a lipstick base for some extra depth and shine. Unlike traditional glosses, this product does not contain any shimmer or glitter. Instead, it catches and reflects light to give your lips a futuristic appeal.

You also have the Lip Mask, Magnetic Lipliner and Glitter lips….so hard to resist !

Gunjan Gaur,one of the best Permanent Make-up Experts & executive director ALPS Beauty Group talks about Lip Art that’s going to rock 2017.

Starting with holographic, it is not a unicorn’s blood or a real life oil spill; these lips are actually driving people crazy. The texture of it reminds one of those old Bonnie Bell lip gloss rollers that we earlier had. It is known for its prismatic appearance which provides for a high octane look. You can either wear them alone or over a lipstick base for some extra depth and shine. The uniqueness of this product is that it catches and reflects light to give your lips a novel appeal. The gloss looks great over dark blue lipstick.


Next it is Lip Mask that has taken many people by surprise. Lips get even softer after using it, but it does not last very long and fades away. Some lip-mask manufacturers also include glycerin, vitamin E, water and hyaluronic acid among other ingredients in their products. In fact, Lip-plumping gels inside, for instance, contain irritants like peppermint oil that cause the lips to swell so that you get a bigger pout. Lip masks are more effective when it comes to moisturizing lips than plumping them. They can have a unpleasant taste too. You may react badly to them if you have sensitive skin. Lip masks often are transparent, bubble-gum pink or even gold.

The Magnetic Lipliner, a litter darker than the tone of lipstick. It stays on well and is easy to put on. At least two tones become a sparkly surface, but when applied over a lipstick,it is usually long lasting and has a very smooth and creamy texture. The magnetic lipliner is made using a gel-like formula for an extra-smooth finish. The liner, which comes in highly pigmented colour variations, is soft and creamy when applied, but hardens into a ‘magnetic’ finish that lasts for eight hours !

And the most latest are glitter lips. The gloss bond stays put and the glitter stays sparkly and in its place all the time. Glitter lips get massive thumbs up today; they are perfect for festivals and a night out or for everyday wear if we are inclined that way. It is very easy to apply and the lustre of the glitter does not fade easily. Red is the colour for the season.
When the rest of the world is experimenting with lip shades,up your lip game this festive season and in the New Year!

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