You  might know that your lips are the mirror of your  mood and personality,it can reveal lot of fascinating facts about you and this is known from the lips shape and the colour you put on your lips but here you  will be amazed to know that your natural  lip colour can act as an indicator of your health condition. It can give you an idea about what is wrong happening inside your body and how you can prevent the problem by taking proper precautions in advance. So keep a check on your lips colour as mouth is the door to your health. Here are the common health concerns relating to your the colour of your lips.2-Guidelines-to-your-Health-How-to-Read-Your-Lip-Colors-e1471280240403

  1. Pale Lips

If your lips are pale, white, ashy grey it usually means you are anemic and your body needs more blood. You might have noticed in movies that this type of lip colour is used to indicate hospitalized petients. So, you need to intake foods rich in  iron, like broccoli, red meats and red dates etc.

  1. Red Lips

When you have super red lips, a lot of the times it links with bad breath and cravings for snacking. This usually indicates that your body is overheated and your liver and spleen are working overtime. So, in this case go for vegetables like bitter melon and celery. Honey is also great for balancing the inside,  try  not to stress and take proper sleep.

  1. Purple-Green Lips

Having purple-green lips is common during the cold winter days, but when you constantly have it you might have a problem. This usually means that there is some sort of problem with your heart and or your respiratory system. The best advice is to see a doctor and seek some professional advice.

  1. Dark Red-Black Lips

When your lips are dark red leaning towards black, this is linked to your digestive system. Try to give up on processed foods and try and eat things that your stomach can process, like sweet potato, and tofu. Also, you can add a little bit of lemon to water in order to cleanse out any unwanted toxins and boost your metabolism.

  1. Rosy Pink Lips

If your lips are naturally rosy pink, then you are perfectly healthy, so keep it up.

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