Lisa Haydon becomes mom of three hints news on Instagram

Gorgeous mum flaunting her baby bump 

Lisa Hayden now Lisa Lalvani has made her way in our hearts with exceptional and loving performances in many movies. The beautiful actress is the perfect emblem for perfection. Excelling the cinema world she has left no stones unturned to make her personal life one with many golden stars as well. Mommy of two has an infant revealed all about her third pregnancy. You read it right, Lisa Lalvani is a mother of three gorgeous children now and is giving all her fans something to ponder and fan spam her about.

Baby Haydon and mommy Lisa in 2020

Mommy Lisa was reportedly due on June 22 2021 but had not revealed her baby’s birth that fans were eagerly waiting for, when one day a fan took to Instagram to ask the beautiful new mum about her third child. And the actress shook the internet with a beautiful reply “in my arms”. It was when it came to light that the admired actress had given birth to a precious baby girl.

Precious smiles and hearts all in one frame

The story began in 2017 when the couple announced the birth of their first son, Zack when they had newly tied the knot in 2016 at a beach wedding. Not much later Lisa and husband Dino Lalvani welcomed baby boy Lio into their lives in 2020. Very quickly in 2021 on February 8 the couple announced their third pregnancy too and took to Instagram to reveal the breathtaking news through a video. With her glowing mother’s face and the son she gently revealed that she is soon going to give birth to a precious baby girl.

Bold mum and son making their way with all positivity 

The journey is never easy, especially when celebrities share tokens of their personal lives on the internet. And a similar experience encountered Lisa when she first announced the big news. Although she has been the most graceful queen in all these months and has powered from all the love and blessings her fans had for her. We wish her luck on this amazing journey as she brings to the world another amazing baby and strengthens her family.

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