‘Log kya kahengey?’, one of the known inner  voice we all have heard at least once. Isn’t it? This question sounds quite familiar but it has a powerful impact. We can say this is a readymade thought we all are born with these days. We have come to this world with unique identities and desires, but, this one thought that what others will say can change or can totally kill all your desires. It is said big dreams are necessary in order to motivate yourself to achieve success in life but have you ever faced a situation where you start pondering about what others will say and ended up changing your decision and forced yourself to give up on your dreams.


How many times you wanted to do something out of the box and follow your heart? But you ended up landing in this trap of ‘log kya kahenge’? Especially when you are living in a country like India it is quite common and a familiar phrase.

We live in a world which is full of hypocrisy and the worst thing is that we care. We care what other people are saying, what our society is talking about us.

But before saying anything, let us remind ourselves a fact which seems to get faded away, that is, who is the creator of the this whole society? Can society work without us? Can it even exist without us? And while we give answers to all these questions we get one single answer for all the above questions that is a big NO.


Then why are we giving so much importance to this distressful question, what will society and people say? When we all know that this one thought often change the course of our lives or we can say it makes us the victim of living in fear all the time resulting in killing and putting end to our endless dreams and desires. Here we seriously should take a pause and think why are we giving so much importance to society and paying heed to unnecessary stuff when we very well know the so called society will never come to rescue of the sufferer. In fact it is the habit of most of the people to poke their nose in other’s lives and do nothing except humiliating and making gossips.

No matter what you do or not do people will still have an opinion about your personal and social life. You want to pursue a career in field you love which is not widely acceptable in the society, you want to marry the love of your life that is not from your religion, and you wish to worship during menstruation or moving into a live-in relationship? Do not let the fear of society’s judgment affect your desires and decisions. Or else, these insecure thoughts are enough to chop your wings which just wanted to fly higher.

Being a human and being afraid of other humans’ remarks and thoughts about you if you follow your dreams is indeed the saddest thing this world is suffering from

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