Lokesh Kumari who entered the Big Boss house as a commoner this year got evicted this week. As she stepped out of the house, she talked about her experience and revealed something surprising about the pay scale of the common people.


Earlier, there was no news the commoners in Big Boss 10 will not be paid anything. However, if a commoner wins the show, he or she will be given the winning amount. Post her eviction from the house, Lokesh Kumari was asked if the news is true. For this, she said, “The commoners are being paid way less than what the celebrities are getting. However, for a commoner to be on India’s biggest reality show and make their reputation is a huge deal in itself. So it doesn’t really matter if we are paid less.”

As Lokesh Kumari is out of the Big Boss house now, we are looking forward to some real gossips from her.

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