Change is the only constant. Everyone is aware of this and it applies to almost every sphere of human life. Everything passes with the ticking of the clock, especially the bad things. One needs to be mature to be able to handle all these things. People come and people go but life goes on and teaches us to become a better person.

Same happens with relationships. Breakup happens for good and they leave us stronger than ever. Same happened with the popular TV actress Anita Lokhande.

The duo met on the sets of their TV show Pavitra Rishta and was in a steady relationship for 6 years. Even they had been living together for many years and somehow, their relationship couldn’t work and they got separated in May 2016. Many reasons were quoted for the break-up, the most common ones Sushant being close with his Raabta Co-star Kriti Sanon and Ankita’s drinking habits.

There was one thing that was very prominently visible to all the fans of the couple and that was their inability to cope with their separation. Both of them could be seen posting sentimental, hidden-meaning statuses and pictures online.

Have a look at a picture Sushant posted and its caption:

And here is what Ankita had to say in reply to this picture:

For quite long, everybody was confused whether they really broke up or not. But Sushant put an end to all these rumours floating in the media with a single powerful statement.

Here is what he had to say:

“Neither she was an alcoholic nor I am a womanizer. People do grow apart and it’s unfortunate. Period.”

Initially, everybody thought that Ankita wasn’t able to handle herself post the separation. But lo and behold, the sultry actress proved everyone wrong with her magical transformation.

Here are some pictures of Ankita post break-up with Sushant:

During her first solo appearance post her breakup, she even gave a statement, wherein she said that she wasn’t sad after her breakup and there is no need to speculate.

Here it is:

“Do I look depressed? Not at all, in fact, I am happy. Though, this is not the right place to talk about my relationship status; but yes, we (Sushant and I) will definitely speak about it at the right time.”

She has apparently enough, even lost a lot of weight. She constantly keeps uploading pictures and videos of herself sweating it out in the gym. And we must say, all her hard work is paying off!