Arshi Khan, the controversial queen of the Bigg Boss house, has often failed to give much contribution when it comes to performing luxury budget tasks and as a result, has repeatedly borne the pain of being in the “Kaal Kothari”.

Like every other time, this time too, Arshi didn’t perform her task and gave up in no time because of which Hina and her team lost the game against Shilpa Shinde’s team.

As per the recent unseen video, when the contestants were asked to vote for the worst performer from the luxury budget task, most of them voted for Arshi as she didn’t do much in the task as compared to others. She even got up from the platform within 5 minutes which is quite less in comparison to other contestant’s timings. Hina Khan went ahead to vote for Bandgi Kalra and soon ended up in a heated argument with her. But others decided to vote for Arshi instead. This was when Akash Dadlani interrupted and told her that she will have to spend her birthday in jail this time. After which, Arshi replied by saying that the inmates were treating her inappropriately. She also went on to make an appeal to the captain to save her but Vikas interrupted in between and said that it wasn’t needed. This aggravated the situation and Arshi went on to shut Vikas up and blamed him for everything that was happening with her.

Check out this video in which Arshi is seen blaming Vikas:

Looks like the dynamics between Arshi and Vikas have definitely changed and it won’t come as a surprise if the two break into a fight anytime soon. But above all, we feel sad for Arshi as she won’t be able to spend her birthday the usual way and might have to cut the cake in jail like Bani Judge did in Bigg Boss 10.

But Arshi being Arshi, can also refuse to spend the night in jail even if she gets nominated. Bandgi, on the other hand, is already in disagreement over Hina’s vote, so there are chances that she too won’t go inside the “Kaal Kothari”. If Arshi and Bandgi won’t, who will? Who do you think deserves to be inside the “Kaal Kothari” amongst all the contestants? Share your views in the comment section.

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