Long Distance Love: How To Keep The Sexual Spark Alive?

Long-distance relationships can suck for a lot of reasons, and one of them is the absence of sexual life. When you are in a committed relationship with someone who stays far away for some reason, your sex life can go for a toss without the physical presence of your partner.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. While it’s true that you won’t be able to have sex with each other, you can always keep the spark alive virtually. Thanks to technology, it has become much easier to indulge in your fantasies even when you live far apart.

Be clear about your boundaries:

First things first, you need to set clear boundaries. Are you going to be committed to each other or are you okay with seeing each other during this period? Make sure you are on the same page about your expectations from the relationship, and what you are or are not willing to try.


For some, it might be too much to start directly with sex toys or video sex. It is better to start slow and ease into the technology. Sexting is a good way to start. It can be less awkward and help you get more comfortable with talking about sexual stuff you might be shy to speak up about.

Send dirty texts, or just get right into it with some cheeky pictures to accompany some virtual sexting sessions.

Set aside time to get naughty:

You must schedule some sexy time in your routine. Remember to keep the time flexible, as you or your partner might not always be in the mood for it at the time. You can video-call each other and get things steamy. It will never be like the real deal, but video-calling is the closest you can come to being in each other’s actual presence.

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Tease each other by sending naughty selfies to keep your partner wanting more. Instead of sending a nude picture, you could send a picture of you wearing something that barely covers you. That is bound to build up anticipation much more than just baring it all right away. you could also wear some sexy lingerie.


Sometimes, phone calls can be the most intimate medium to spice up things. Video calls are well and good, but when all you can hear is their voice, it can be a whole new ball game. Everything is up to your imagination. Explore sexy talking by controlling your voices, speaking lower and slower, doing roleplay – you can get as creative as you want.

Use sex toys:

Technology has come so far that you can operate sex toys from across the world. Yes, there are a lot of app-controlled sex toys available. These toys also come in pairs so that one toy triggers the actions of the other. This can take your sex game to the next level, and make you feel much closer to your partner.

Watch erotic films together:

Watching porn or erotic films together can enhance your sexual experience. Maybe you could keep a video call on, or just a regular phone call, and watch the film at the same time. You can discuss the scenes you like and how you’d experiment.

Similarly, you can also send videos of you pleasuring yourself to each other. This can be a massive turn-on. Just make sure that it is safe to send these videos to each other.

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Surprise each other:

Keep the spark alive by surprising each other. You could send some sexual gifts to each other, or come up with something new to try. Switch it up and experiment constantly. You could even plan a surprise visit to your partner’s place.

Long-distance sexy times can be really fun if you take the effort and keep an optimistic attitude. It is difficult, no doubt, but when you do not have a choice, you can do so much to make it better.

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