Priyanka Jagaa, the name needs no introduction! Well, thanks to her trouble-making behavior and tainted language that made her one of the most recalled participant (ofcourse in negative light) of Bigg Boss Season 10. The controversy queen was the first one to be evicted from the house but was brought back as a wild card entry. Last week saw Salman’s infuriated avtaar as he personally evicted Priyanka Jagga for her ruthless and arrogant behaviour, which indeed was a super-entertaining episode.

Here we bring to you controversies of Priyanka Jagga, who was not only unbearable for the housemates un Bigg Boss but also a pain to watch for the viewers.


– Pants and Pee: To win a task against Bani J, Priyanka Jagaa peed in her pants on the national television. The task was to ride on a horse (toy horse) until the other team quits. Bani J decided to not decline her image and went off the horse as she felt the pee pressure. But defying any such thought and in the quest to win task, she peed in her pants and left the entire housemates and viewers shocked. It was later said that she even asked Bani J to wash her filthy clothes.

– The Ugly Mouthed: Not her face but as soon as she utters anything from her mouth, it becomes unbearable. She abused the most in the house this season and has been a constant ill-mouthed person. Not even sparring the parents and mothers of other contestants, she has never failed to hate her more. Pointing out girls for their clothes and pass cheap remarks on them.

– Mother Digger: A mother to two children herself, Priyanka Jagga was quite often seen taking digs at other housemates’ mothers. Insensitive Priyanka When Manu Punjabi returned after her mother’s demise, she continuously mocked the situation as other inmates consoled him. In many such similar instances, she indirectly and directly has insulted many other mothers on the show.

– She dared to talk rubbish with Salman Khan: While Salman Khan was taking her class for being too aggressive, she dared to argue and said that she will do more such things. Salman, who is known to deal with no rubbish immediately lashed out at her, asked the production team to play Priyanka’s unedited video where her true evil side got exposed and even asked her to leave the house.

– Scripted: After being dramatically evicted from Bigg Boss house, she took it to social media and expressed the glee to be back to her home. However, in the comments section, she wrote that the show is scripted. This remark of her has stirred yet again another controversy among masses.

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