Look what your little finger tells about personality!

Look what your little finger tells about personality!

Did you know that the length and shape of your cute little reveal a lot about your personality? It might sound a little funny but yeah this is true. So here we go!

Short: If your tiny finger does not reach the top level of your ring finger, then it is short. The people with short little finger are great achievers if they set their mind on something. They are a bit shy with strangers but very open and friendly with close people.


If your little finger is reaches the first knuckle of the adjacent finger, it refers to equal. Such people are very much stable and mature. They are often cold and distant to people unless they share a cold bond with them. It takes time and patience to familiarize with them and reveal their warmth and kindness.

 Long: People with long (finger exceeding the first knuckle) tiny finger are very charismatic and attractive and win people’s heart very easily. They are very much blessed but sometimes need to work real hard to prove their capabilities. They also love being the center of attraction.

Equal: If the length of your little finger is equal to that of the ring finger, then you love being the leader. You love possessing power and strive progress. Such people are very ambitious and open minded.