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We lose our ability to sleep as we grow old. Enjoy it while it lasts

By admin

April 12, 2017

You need to enjoy your sleep now! Like really get as much as you can and enjoy it to the fullest for soon you won’t be able to sleep peacefully anymore. Personally, the best part of a day for me (excluding the feelings of eating cakes or other tasty stuff as well as when I enjoy my work) is when at night, or during the day or in the afternoon, anytime, when my bed calls to me and I am ready to respond back. The feeling of climbing onto the soft yet firm mattress and completely letting go and getting a good nap is the best feeling. It refreshes your mood, relaxes the body, gives time to think about things and we all love it. but we are actually facing two very big problems here; one being that we grow old with time (if we don’t die first) and two being that once we are old, we won’t be able to sleep so peacefully.


As for the first reason, there is nothing we can do about. As for the second, we are trying our best to deal with it. The pharmaceutical companies are already getting a lot of money as the loss of good sleep is not easy to cope with and people tend to take to sedatives to find a solution. But the problem is that sedatives don’t give us the real sleep we need. The reasons for losing sleep are numerous; It can be Alzheimer’s disease (which is known mainly to make people’s memory jumbled), heart disease (all sorts), obesity (this is again linked to the heart), diabetes and multiple other problems that the body develops over time. Once you get surrounded by these problems, you can only do your best too get them treated but nothing guarantees that you will get back the kind of sleep you used to sleep when you were young.


So, the main aim for this little piece of information was to make you aware of how your life would change in some time and how much value and importance you should give to your sleep. If under some circumstance you were told that you would not be able to eat your favorite food any longer after 5 minutes, then what will you do? As for me I would eat the food as much as I can for the next 5 minutes to save myself from future regrets (I will still have regrets though). But that is what you should be doing with your sleep routine.

Instead of spending all your precious time in working or other activities, this is one thing that you have a 70% chance of losing. Once you do lose your ability to sleep properly, you would look back on these days and want to return just for a good 2 hours’ nap.

Respect the time you have and sleep all you can! Achieving your dreams is important to but don’t take ‘sleep’ lightly. If your boss or parents object to it then explain to them what you learnt today and tell them to take a nap as well.

Let us all sleep well and sleep all we can before growing old.