Minimal interiors for maximum allure.
By Aditi Rastogi
Are you bored with the cluttered and muddled house? Are you thinking to give a new look to your house this new year? Why not give the Minimalistic makeover to your house.
The minimalist design will give you a calming, liberating feel and make your house attractive and good looking because it has only minimal amount of elements and it’s free from clutter.
muddled house

Here are some things you have to do. It’s not difficult or luxurious but you should give a careful thought and sensibly plan to make functional and aesthetic choice for your home.

What will be the benefits of choosing less Interior

Less stressful, less stuff to clean, less dust, dirt and allergies, these are the best benefit about having less physical stuff in your home and less things to clean. It will save your time and make your room spacious. Your house will be more appealing with some beautiful furniture and nice art paintings rather than having cluttered photos. A minimalist home is soothing and peaceful.

If you get bored easily with the look, you can easily change the entire look of your house without any disturbance. You can add few pieces of furniture, new paintings, going with some new paint colours and so on.

What a modesthome looks like

This depends on your mood and your personality. How much minimalistic to extreme you want it to be.

White magic: When it comes to defining the room, the classy and lavish white colour will be best preference all over. It gives a sense of individuality and elegance to your room.

Less furniture: In your living room or in your room use a minimal furniture pieces because it feels   calm and peaceful. In living area you can go with some medium sized couches or sofas, same bunch of shelves and a couple of lamps.

Minimalist decorations and Art: To give a minimal look to your home you could use a vase with a few flowers or potted plant or small trees which can change the room from boring to lively and energetic. You can add some volume to your boring wall by some tasteful piece of art or just some family photos or bold large canvas. Make sure you want them to work together.

Choosing lighting: Lighting choices can be a strong and impactful decision and it will make the room look aesthetic. Every home requires a certain type of lamp and if you carefully choose a lamp that gives compliments to your room, your furniture then choose lighting depending on your art and decor. If you have less art on your wall you can go with some bold and strong lighting lamp, using contrasting colours, making a statement of its own.

Give a new look to windows: Use bare windows or simple ones. Avoid ornate stuff around the windows.

Place for everything: It is very important that you find place for everything and remember those places and spots and stick with it. It will make things more efficient.

One place at a time: It is difficult to do interiors for entire house at once. It’s better to focus on one room at a time with peaceful mind. Then move to the next room. Work slowly and calmly.

Save money: If you are thinking that minimal designs will cost you more, you are absolutely wrong. Less stuff can sometimes mean less money.

Observe the room and find something is missing or not: When you have given the minimalist look to your room, you will think you can do more with this or you have to eliminate something. Wait for a couple of days, observe carefully with a fresh perspective, and think what you have to remove or edit and do that carefully.

Quality matters: Quality is more than quantity. Instead of having a lot of stuff in your home, a few good things make your room look good.

Enjoy the minimalist room: Once you have done it take a look and enjoy it, Minimal look to your place will give you more calm and pleasure.


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